Christmas Cheer 2015

Happy new month to you all!!!

We do hope the first hurdle of the year was a success for everyone. If you didn’t accomplish most of your tasks, don’t miss a heartbeat over it, there’s plenty of time to dive into that assignment and get it done. Just do not be lazy about it.


On the 28th of December 2015, the Foundation carried out its Annual Christmas Cheer Outreach. As we all know that it was a season of joy and sharing, we played our part in giving out hampers to less privileged families that could not afford the joys of the season.


Each hamper contained a bag of rice, tubers of yam, oil, tomato puree, pasta, soda drinks, toilet paper, beverage, noodles, detergent and Ankara material. Shoes and clothes were also distributed according to sizes.


Fifty families were catered for that day. We appreciate all our Sponsors, Volunteers and friends who came out to help that day. God bless you all.

See the testimonial pictures.


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