Women Empowerment Series (WES)

Hey awesome folks,
We wont even bother starting with the excuses, I’m pretty sure you’re tired of reading them. All the same we sincerely apologize for the prolonged absence, we hope to become more constant.

 EmpowermentMain (3)Moving on to the business of this post, we are here with wonderful news. GENO Hope Alive Foundation is excited to inform you of the debut of a maiden edition of its new serial Project tagged “The GENO Woman”
The theme is Women Empowerment Series (WES)

Picture2The “GENO Woman” is who we dream to see every woman become. One who can cater for her family conveniently and sufficiently, who is empowered and independent. She is a woman of virtue, dignity and substance.
WES proposes to empower, inspire and reach out to a group of women monthly as we encourage, groom and train them to acquire various skills that will make them financially independent while teaching them business ethics.
The main achievement of WES is to sponsor one woman from every event held per month to learn a skill under a proficient body till the stage of maturity.


Watch this space for more information on the Project like dates, pictures, videos, how you can be a part of it and of course, testimonies of participants.

As always, please share and subscribe to the blog… Greater times are here… You do not want to miss it or be told. God bless you beauties…


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