Women empowering women

Hey people,

I’m pretty sure everyone has simmered down the heat of the Presidential elections that took place the past weekend. Lord, this is the most Nigerians have ever been involved with politics since the MKO Abiola era, it’s pretty amusing and amazing to observe as each person wants to air their views on #NigeriaDecides.

Anyway, this post is not about the elections but a great mind I had the opportunity of meeting and talking to. She is so vibrant and filled with dreams to impact other women. Be it as it may that the meeting was an informal one, I do wish I had been able to properly interview her, I’d do that some other time, I hope.

Let’s go on to what I have the permission to share from the tiny details I could gather. Her name is Gloria Enwenna. She is young, warm hearted and has an endearing personality.


Gloria is an energetic woman with no space to harbour thoughts for the negative or discouraging moments. Despite not acquiring a job shortly after her graduation from the University, she was not deterred but went on to start a small trading business of her own whilst being involved in other engagements. Her stories of failed adventures and trying times are hers to tell but reassuringly, the great news is she surged forward to ensure she survived and started to achieve her dreams little by little.

This piece is to show how every young woman has it in her to surge forward and reach out for greatness. Gloria has a dream to train young girls and attach them to learn various skills as she believes this will help them become independent so they do not have to depend on men or other vultures of the World for survival.
She also dreams of founding her own NGO that will cater for women. *you see why GHAF took great interest in her* šŸ˜‰ šŸ˜‰


On a more serious note, it is wonderful to meet young and alike minds. She is God-fearing and uses every opportunity she gets to share her story and God’s love for man. She is a true encourager just like her name implies “Genwenna d Encourager”
To gain more insight and inspiration updates from Gloria, connect with her on
Twitter – @genwenna
Facebook – Gloria Enwenna

Like we always say, be the encouragement to someone around you today. You never know how far it goes…
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Thank you…
Have a pleasant week.


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