Annual Christmas Cheer 2014

Hello people,

It’s a bright morning at this part of the World, we wish you brightness wherever you are reading this post.

It’s about time we fed your eyes with pictures from the recently concluded Annual Christmas Cheer that took place on the 24th of December 2014. It was a refreshing and invigorating event as over 30 women went home with basket filled with goodies for their families to celebrate the Christmas with.

We believe that Christmas is a season of joy and no one should be left out of the happy celebration of the Birth of Christ, it is because of this belief that we try to affect and influence happiness in the lives of those who cannot afford the luxury of celebrating the season.IMG_20141224_144424 IMG_20141224_144424

One of our Trustees, Pastor (Mrs) Suoton Elihai anchored the event. She informed the attendants of the reason for the Season and shared with them the love of Christ for all as she also led them in prayer. At the end of the pep talk, each woman was called to carry her own goodie basket containing a small bag of rice, tubers of yam, carton of noodles, gallon of oil, pasta, pack of toilet roll, Ankara (the native material for sewing clothes), biscuits and fruit drinks for her children.IMG_20141224_145954

We are extremely grateful and thankful to Dangote, Dufil Prima Foods, The Market Research Consultancy and every Individual who supported the event through financial means.

Join us again at the next event. Till then, be fruitful and empowering…

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