Annual Back to School Campaign 2014

This year’s Annual Back to School Campaign took place in the month of November, 2014. Approaching the event with a new twist, we decided to visit the schools whose students were to be presented with school kits. IMG_20141120_143648

Prior to the selected days of the Campaign, the Project Coordinator of the Foundation screened several schools to pick out children who were eligible for the school kits in terms of those who needed them, those who didn’t have alternatives as there were some of them that put their books in paper bags to go to school and some others who didn’t even have books.

The day each school was visited, the Founder of GHAF, Mrs EnoAbasi Unogu, addressed the children, telling them the purpose of the Foundation, offering encouragement, words of support and advise to them. She also announced the Foundation’s intention on sponsoring the kid who performed best academically  to the level of achieving a higher education.IMG_20141121_123354

The schools visited were :

Community Senior Grammar School, Surulere, Lagos.

Estate Baptist Primary School, Surulere, Lagos.

Community Junior Grammar School, Surulere, Lagos.

Ijero Baptist Primary School, Costain, Lagos.IMG_20141127_114849

The content of the school kit were note books, writing materials, school bag and rain coats. We are grateful to the Sponsors of the Campaign- MTN, Etisalat, The Market Research Consultancy and other Individuals who donated in funds and kind to the success of the event. May the good Lord bless and reward you…

You can view the pictures of the event below and one of the videos using this link-


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