The Ebola Awareness Project

On Thursday, 11 September 2014, the GENO Hope Alive Foundation team visited the Census Market in Aguda, Surulere, Lagos with the aim of fulfilling their quota in sensitizing people on the Ebola viral disease, this Project was themed “Preventing Ebola Virus”.


With the aid of the Iya Oloja and Baba Oloja (Mother and Father of the Market), we were able to get the inhabitants as well as traders in the market to cooperate and come together during their sanitation period which usually takes place between 7 and 10 am.IMG_20140911_092332

After the sanitation of the market environs, the Founder of GHAF, Mrs EnoAbasi Unogu anchored a brief seminar with the aid of an interpreter, Mr Tolulope Adefowora, who is a friend of the Foundation. The seminar was targeted at educating the women, men and children on the Ebola virus: its causes, symptoms, and prevention.IMG_20140911_093238

Also discussed, was the availability of isolation centers within the State to cater for those known to have the virus and to prevent it from spreading to others.

At the end of the seminar, questions were asked by some of the attendees and they were answered accordingly. The event was covered by members of the Press from The Guardian and The Nation Newspapers.IMG_20140911_095102

After all had been said, the Foundation distributed pieces of Dream Care hand sanitizers that were donated to the Foundation by DreamWalk International Limited.

Enjoy the pictures from the event…

Please do not forget to share… Thank you. Have a blessed weekend…



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