Fueling the Inner Greatness

Nothing stops a man (woman) who desires to achieve. Every obstacle is simply a course to develop his (her) achievement muscles. It’s a strengthening of his (her) powers toward accomplishment.
– Eric Butterworth

We all want to be great and become somebody we are proud of, we all have dreams of a brighter future. Even the indigent, vulnerable and disadvantaged do not want to remain that way forever, they seek means and struggle to create a better life.

We, at GENO Hope Alive Foundation seek out such people, in this case, women, and help them to realise their potentials that can help them grow and optimize their lifestyles. We change their mindset, rehabilitate them to think positively and in a God-like manner, provide them with opportunities that build their dreams into realities.


You can become a part of this rising culture by joining the Foundation to change lives and save families. This can be done by a variety of ways; even just by offering support in spreading the word and becoming an advocate for GENO in your society, be a change agent to someone you know, help the struggling around you. See the link for our ongoing cases.

Have a beautiful Monday and a glorious week.

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