Ebola frenzy; GENO’s aid.

In just about three weeks since the introduction of the Ebola virus and the death of the first victim in Nigeria, the Liberian-American – Mr Patrick Sawyer, the whole country has been thrown into a frenzy about the whole situation. Everyone has been forced into a state of constant awareness and doubt of the person beside them. The inhabitants of Lagos and neighbouring States are in a realm of fear and avid consciousness.


It is shocking how in so little time, the virus has found its way into numerous host bodies. The Minister of Information, Labaran Maku disclosed yesterday that 198 cases of the Ebola Virus infections have been accounted for in the Country, where 177 are in Lagos whilst 21 are in Enugu State. The first major step has been to quarantine those who had primary contact with Mr Sawyer, there is also an emergency response team tracing all other secondary contacts.
Three people have died from the virus in the country so far, including the man who brought it in, the nurse who treated him and the ECOWAS staff who had contact with him.
It was reported today also that eight victims of the virus will be given doses of the experimental treatment, Nano Silver.


Everyone is implored to be careful and not be ignorant on the various measures that can be taken to avoid the contact of this virus, the use of antiseptic hand sanitizers and adapting clean feeding and personal hygiene among others.

GENO Hope Alive Foundation will be distributing hand sanitizers and other hygiene materials within its community to help those who don’t have access to information become more aware and protected.


Let’s have a graceful weekend and not endanger our health or that those around us. Be watchful.


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