Robin Williams: an icon passed!

In light of the recent passing of the famous American movie actor and comedian, Robin Williams, we would like to shed more light on his humanitarianism and charity activities. Amidst his various unknown shortcomings, he was a good and kind man.


He reached out to people in need without wanting publicity for his action. He went to the San Francisco General Hospital every Christmas since 1998 dressed as a secret Santa for the kids that were on admission and ill from different sicknesses and undergoing treatments, he brought them presents and other goodies to make them happy and bring them joy during the season.
With his wife, he founded the Windfall Foundation, a philanthropic organization that helped to raise money for other Charities.
In 2010, he donated all of his proceedings for a performance to rebuild the New Zealand City.
He was truly a role model. May his soul rest in peace.

And the rest of us can liken to his good doings. Give support where you see fit.

Have a joyful midweek as we all look forward to the weekend.

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