Our Nigerian Woman

Hello wonderful fellows… A great new month to you all.

Lets talk about the today woman, the Nigerian woman, the dream woman we hope and strive that every needing woman in our country deserves to be…


The Nigerian woman has proven to be more than a mere bench-warming spectator even in the midst – of the male-dominated congregation. Many examples abound for us to see even here in Lagos state. Women have proven their strength and competence in our societies in all spheres even in male dominated professions but the rise of women to lead several professional male dominated environments gives us hope and their achievement is a pointer to the capability of the Nigerian woman.
Three of such male dominated professions – the – Nigerian Medical Association, the Nigerian Bar Association and the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria – have been led by female presidents.

These feats according to an accomplished, professional, Chief Mrs. Bola Kuforiji Olubi, apart  from testifying to the resilience, determination and unyielding “spirit” of women, cast in bold relief two useful and challenging facts. These are firstly, that leadership traits are not genetically acquired and – have nothing to do with gender. Women can effectively participate in policy making and governance, if given the chance. They can hold their own in very difficult and stressful situations and can do as well, if not better, than men.

It is in this same light that we at GHAF endlessly plan and hope to change the future of the distraught and indigent women in our societies, women who have been forced through knowing or unknowing situations to be the sole supporters of their family without anyone to offer them assistance or care.

Join us as we plan towards the Women Empowerment Project… Let’s project the Nigerian woman we all want to be proud of… Check this link for more details…

Have a fruitful weekend.


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