The Ebola Rave: Beware not be Scared

Hello wonderful people, its the first day of a beautiful week but the extension of a long weekend for those of us in Nigeria and some other Countries due to the Muslim festivities…

Most of us have been bombarded through various means of social media as to the introduction of the Ebola virus in our country, in Lagos state. This post is not to scare the readers but to implore your indulgence in being careful and attentive to avoiding the numerous means of contact.


Even if you’re among the some that do not believe everything they read or hear, its better to be safe than sorry.


Protect your children, inform them of the deadliness of the virus. We do not want our future to be washed away through our negligence now, do we?


Be safe and also share the news… Research about the virus and be more educated to know how best to handle the situation and fear of becoming infected and teach this to your childrenGENO cares…
Happy holidays…


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