Anything less is just not okay…

Wonderful friends and readers, its the midweek again, and the time is rushing by. Enjoy the abstract culled from

Anything less is just not okay.

Several inter-related socio-economic factors have led to poor economic status of a large segment of Nigerian women.

If you are familiar with the issue of poverty, you might know that although women perform two-thirds of the world’s unpaid labour and grow more than half the world’s food yet 70% of people living below the poverty line are women and these women are stressed!

In the short term, stress isn’t always a bad thing. It can motivate us to deal with a situation that poses some level of threat and the burst of adrenaline and other hormonal changes that occur during a stress response can heighten our senses and give us extra amounts of energy but chronically stressful situations that go unaddressed can lead to serious health problems and emotional imbalance which can prevent a woman from forging ahead.

It is to this end that I encourage Nigerians to join forces and empower women in our
environment facing hardship because I believe this will enhance their productivity and empower them to be good role models to the Nigerian Child!

“Every woman has the right to a good life full of abundance! And to know that anything less is just not okay.”

An initiative of GENO Hope Alive Foundation that satisfies this societal want is the WEP (Women Empowerment Project) where majority of women will be identified and trained on several health and reproductive issues as well ways they can empower themselves through certain self acquired skills that will enable them become independent and live optimally…

Be a part of the GENO Wagon and help people surge ahead…. Thank you.


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