Nelson Mandela International Day

Seriously, can anyone tell me where this man got his gut from? That drive to want to help his people? Today is the Nelson Mandela International Day which has been marked every year on the 18th of July since 2010. It is a day marked to honour the legacy of the former President of South Africa and his values through volunteering and community service.

13-1The Mandela Day is a global call to action that celebrates the idea that each individual has the power to transform the world, the ability to make an impact. In line with what GHAF encourages every individual to do, be the change around you, do not wait to be told repeatedly.

The Mandela Day campaign message is:

Nelson Mandela has fought for social justice for 67 years. We’re asking you to start with 67 minutes.”

“We would be honoured if such a day can serve to bring together people around the world to fight poverty and promote peace and reconciliation“.
What are you supposed to do in 67 minutes? This does not necessarily mean that you must time yourself to achieve something in that time frame, it simply illustrates that if one man can make out 67 years of his life and attribute it to giving support and fighting a cause, we should be able to give some time for a good cause.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYou should devote time to helping others, there are various things that one could do to make that time worthwhile, you could:
– read to a child
– help out at a local store, school or hospital
– care for people who are ill
– help someone get a job
– donate essential items to people in need
– volunteer at a community service centre
– donate to a Cause
We leave you in the words of Nelson Mandela, ” Take Action, Inspire Change”
976115_775176572493134_2012701532547751585_oHave a fruitful weekend… Please do not forget to share using the buttons below and also make sure you subscribe to the blog… Thanks.

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