The Need

Why do we need to support? Why are there people who need support? Why can everyone not be able to provide for themselves? Why are there poor people who cannot afford the cost of living? These are all questions we ask ourselves when we are prospected by either Non Profit Establishments or Individuals to Partner in supporting their Cause.

The answer is that there does not have to be a reason to support! The reality that a need is present should be enough reason to want to fill that void.

GivingBackjpgTxt1When someone has a want, you have a choice to either satisfy the want or not but when a need is preeminent, it will be wrong even the eyes of our Creator to not try to ensure the need is taken care of. Often times, most of us feel we should not be forced to give our support to various causes. In truth, we should not feel obligated to help, the thought should come from within us. But why then will you come across someone in terrible need and just decide you do not want to give support because we just do not feel like. That is totally wrong. And a large amount of the general public confuse giving support to giving out money, this is not true. If indeed you train yourself to have deep regard and empathy for those in need, when you come across them, you will not immediately start thinking that they want you to give them money but you will start to think of how best you can make them happy and satisfy the need they so crave. You will begin to think of places you can take them that will accommodate them, clothes or footwear you can give them to shield them from the harsh weather conditions and then FOOD to eat if they are hungry.

Bottom line is, do not shut your mind out to supporting those need. There will always be need around you. Act your part in giving support in how ever form you can. Add value through any means you can and be an earthly provider to those in need.




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