We all question the reasons for our actions or the actions of others… We question why certain individuals make particular choices, why the government passes a bill on several laws and policies, why you should feel obligated to helping and supporting the less privileged…

We are all aware that no one person or Organization can take on all the troubles on Earth, there is also division of labour when it comes to giving support too (don’t act surprised!).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASeveral folks have asked us why we do not take on numerous cases and offer according interventions, the answer is that there is so much we can do. We cannot change the Nation, let alone the World but we sure can impact a few persons to whom change will be an understatement to the happiness and restoration of dignity they will experience.

Our mission is to look for indigent, dejected persons in really tough family situations and take them on. They could be teenagers with unwanted pregnancies neglected by their families, widows with nowhere to turn to or simply children that cannot help the poverty situation in their family.

DSCF3631We identify these people, mentor them, rehabilitate the ones that have a negative mindset, offer them hope, sponsor them where necessary and give them the opportunity to live their lives optimally. Especially for the children, our greatest joy is to see their smiling faces when being offered the joys of livelihood as opposed to their neglected lifestyle.

GENO Hope Alive Foundation is not a Non Profit Establishment that tries to take on more than we can handle, our technique has always been personal and individual identification with according intervention.

Occasionally, we have Community Outreaches where we reach out and spread the happiness and hope to the public in our society that are affected by the negative travails of the Community.

Today, we encourage you to not neglect the disheartened people around you but to offer them bits of joy that will leave them with hope for a brighter ahead. Do not carry on with the mindset that since you cannot help everyone, you will help no one at all. The person you encourage, support and give to makes a whole lot of difference. Imagine the exhilaration the person feels; that should be enough reason to make that possible change. And when you feel you cannot do it alone, join some one or an Organization, play your part through words or substance…

Have a fruitful week and please do not forget to share and subscribe…


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