Case File #2 – Sekina and Chidera

Sekina is one determined woman with a very pretty daughter whose face warms my heart every time I recall her, I still remember the unusual manner through which we were introduced… how my friend that met her on a bus got her number due to the pitiful state she was in, and with a child at that….


Hers was quite the horrific story you don’t get to hear everyday…

She is a widow whose husband disappeared mysteriously after not returning home from work (the popular motorcycle trade – okada riding). After several months of waiting to no end, he was assumed dead by the authorities and this left her and their newborn daughter, Chidera with nothing at all since she was not working during her pregnancy and childbirth. She was taken in by the family of her husband and taken care of for a while after which she was told that for her to be looked after continuously, she will have to be married into the family (imagine!! wanting to marry her to one of the late husband’s brother). Sekina, of course refused this proposal vehemently and had to leave their care.

She moved to live with her only sister in a farm in Oyo State but the sister’s husband who is strangely diabolical kept persuading her to cut her herself to remove the “bad blood” which he said makes the husband’s spirit follow her and cause her stagnation (such belief!). Because of her religious understanding, she fled this habitation back to Lagos where a Pastors’ wife took her in for a short time, it was at this point in her misery the Foundation (GHAF) met her and decided to intervene.

IMG_20140702_165628Jobs were sought for here in Lagos but with her permanent accommodation posing a big trouble, it was impossible to acquire a steady job especially with her daughter in the picture. She asked her to move back to Oyo State temporarily where she was given a place to stay in the village by the church she worshiped with.

Currently, we have secured her own permanent accommodation in Ibadan, Oyo State. We are glad that this will reduce the pain of hardship and desperation on her as she will be able to use her handiwork (hair making) to earn an income whilst her daughter starts schooling.

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And as usual, this is not the end of the line for her with GHAF, we will keep monitoring and supporting her till she is stable and independent to live a fulfilling life… To be a part of Sekina’s success story, click this link to find out how you can join.


3 thoughts on “Case File #2 – Sekina and Chidera

  1. Kalu says:

    I really have not been here for some time now. A lot of changes done – very good ones I must. Great humanitarian work; nice blog!


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