Its the start of a fresh week and we all have new objectives and achievements to accomplish, May your endeavors be successful…

Over the weekend, on the 28th of June 2014, we were a part of an awesome and hugely impacting Outreach that took place here in Surulere, Lagos State, Nigeria. This was the “ARISE WOMEN CLINIC” organized by the Redeemed Christian Church of God Lagos Province 4 Women.

IMG_20140628_115459This is an annual event that is held with the aim of reaching out to mostly women by offering FREE Medical care and screening as well as counseling and general consultation.

The event started with proper registration of the attendants to ensure a serene and peaceful conduct during the Outreach. After wards, they were directed to see various experienced Doctors who were eager to receive them. Several screenings and primary tests were carried out to establish those that had any medical concerns or illnesses that needed immediate attention. When this was done, they were given prescriptions and directed to the officials dispensing FREE medications.

This was not all, there were different types of Counselors present to also attend to the guests that were present. They ranged from counseling them on their eating habits, lifestyle, ways to live healthy and of course to their spiritual growth which gave the whole engagement a balance in what they were aiming to achieve.

This Outreach accommodated a great number of women and also, MEN!

We, at GENO Hope Alive Foundation offered our support to the Outreach by providing them with some drugs that was used in the medicine administration exercise.

I am pleased to say it was a thorough success and everyone who was present gained and took something home.

Enjoy the pictures from the event….


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