Case File #1 – Chidera Akuta

IMG_20140626_100448Chidera Akuta is 7 years old. She suffered a convulsion at the age of 9 months which was mismanaged and this resulted to mental retardation after she regained consciousness. See this link for more on Mental Retardation.

She is from a family of 7, her mother who is a struggling widow and five other siblings. She is the the fourth child.

2014-04-30 11.17.03GENO Hope Alive Foundation has implemented intervention for this family by equipping the mother with a small trade through which she can make a living to help cater for her family. Though this is not enough because regardless of how much effort she puts into this trade, she devotes most of her time to caring for her sick daughter. To this end, little or no devotion is given to the trade therefore it yields no income.

GHAF successfully found a Home that specializes in the cases of such children by helping with their rehabilitation and health care, this is Beth Torrey Home.

2014-04-30 11.18.54This is a step ahead in bringing the long due happiness this Family deserves as it is a win-win scenario for everyone. Chidera gets the medical care and supervision she needs from the Professionals capable of handling her case, she gets to grow up among children and young adults in a similar capacity and this will go a long way in building and maturing her self confidence. Her mother is rescued from the burden of ignorantly taking care of a child she has no knowledge about and she devotes more time in building her trade so that it generates enough income for her and her family.

This is the dream GHAF has for this family as we ensure to keep their hope alive. To be a part of this dream, Chidera needs monthly support during her stay in the Home, check this link to learn more on how you can donate to her Cause. IMG_20140626_100528

Please share this post and be a part of this dream… Thanks.


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