Saving Neglected Children


What would be your reaction if I told you that a family of five inhabited in this hell hole?

The heart wrenching stories, dilemmas and sad situations this kind of work exposes you to is enough reason to want to help every neglected child you come across.

We all live our lives like there is nothing to disturb our peaceful state of mind when in fact there are thousands of people(in one State like that in Nigeria) that receive daily doses of sufferings on a regular.

The family that lived in that house (if I can call it that) is one of our Clients (yes, I said Clients). To get to this home, we passed through thick bushes to access the clearing that led to the house (and Oh, did I forget to mention how swampy and water logged the ground we walked on was)… In prayer and determination (I was pretty scared as it was my first time on such a journey) to verify the story of the predicament of the man who was taking us to this place that happened to be the home to his family, my Colleague and I marched onward eager to see the end.

Getting to the house, we saw his little children walking around unclothed and bare foot, with such innocence that this was all there was to life, I felt sick to the pit of my stomach.

There are children all around us in such predicaments and lost hopes being forced into situations by their parents all in a bid to earn survival.

GHAF carries out intervention programs in such genuine cases and tries to bring happinness and joy into the lives of these children and their families.

One year after, by His grace and the little support we have gained so far from our Partners and friends, this same family that was visited a year ago now abide in a place better than they were found. The new place is not the perfect habitation but it is a far cry from where we found them.

This is not the end but a starting point for this family. There are many more like them out there who need our help. We do not only give support, we strive to offer joy and hope that it can be better…

Join in and save neglected children around you…

To be a part of saving this family, click this link for more information…

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