Its the mid week again… there are Projects to be accomplished and there’s the usual hustle and bustle as everyone tries to round off before the week comes to an end…

Moreso, the Nigerian schoolgirls from Chibok, Borno are still missing, their families are still in shock and the Nation seems to have forgotten, almost neglected their rescue mission to find them…

They should still be in our Prayers and we should be hopeful for their return..

#GHAF carried out an awareness during the social media Campaign to sensitize the Government to get involved, it was tagged #MillionVoices

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Let them remain in our hearts as we pray and hope for their safe return, our prayers are still with them…

You can send in your pictures and we would publish them or simply post them on Instagram and tag us @genohopealivefoundation or on Facebook and tag us with the above handle also..

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