Keeping faith

Good day to those on the blogosphere… Today’s write up is very brief because i was lost on what to publish. Here’s something to motivate you and keep you going regardless of what life throws at you..

For those here with us in Nigeria with all the chaos, we can only stay strong and be hopeful for our fellow people… Offer a word of prayer for everyone who needs faith to hold on to or to go on… Nothing is ever lost…

“I’m sorry,” she murmurs, standing at the edge of the world. Her words floating up on a weak breeze, lost to the thin air and nearby clouds. “Please forgive me, God.”

She takes a shaky breath, waiting. For what, she’s uncertain. But she waits. Her toes only a fraction of movement away from the abyss of the open air. Five hundred feet separating her from death. More than that separating her from heaven.

She waits, knowing that moving backward is not an option. It’s either out into the open air, or an eternity spent on the edge of this cliff.

It feels like an eon before she gets her response. Before the wind picks up.

She looks to the heavens, nods, and bends her knees.

Then she leaps.

And as her feet leave the grounds, her wings unfurl. Sore, bent, and unused since her fall, they struggle to catch the wind beneath them.

Her heart pounds its way into her stomach as she begins to plummet. But a gust of wind comes up beneath her and lodges between the feathers on her wings, lifting her up, bringing her back home, giving her forgiveness.

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