Being the Change

A beautiful day to you all… Adding to our vibrant category which features individuals around the World who thrive to be distinguished role models in their distinct ways, today’s post features Tillman Ward…

A role model is a person who serves as an example by influencing others. For many children, the most important role models are their parents and caregivers. Children look up to a variety of role models to help shape how they behave in school, relationships or when making difficult decisions. Not every child has the opportunity to be blessed with good and endearing role models in their immediate environment, this is where we ordinary individuals come in and make a move to impact the life of a child or youth for he better.

Tillman Cleve Ward Jr., a 23 year old man, is motivated and determined to make a difference in the lives of disadvantaged youths. He is a motivational speaker, he reaches out on a regular basis to young people through his job at the Gloria J. Parks Community Center, and through his role as youth ambassador for Buffalo Peacemakers, an anti-violence coalition that acts as a buffer between teens and police.

His Background

tillmanWard lived with his mother in a homeless shelter for more than a year while he was growing up. The experience was one that changed him forever. He is naturally energetic, caring and ambitious and has always exhibited leadership traits from a young age.

He started his own motivational business, TCW Motivations, a business established to motivate youths to become all they can be. Teaches them how to live a good life and to be happy and successful.

The challenges facing youths in his community are both mental and physical. Youths in the community where he lives are killing each other and there’s no one around them who’s positive enough to stop the indulgence.

Despite not being personally directed by the outcome of violence, he had lost three close friends to gang violence and shooting. He had always never liked being associated with violence and was always the one giving them a clear head. Growing up with is single mother and two older siblings, he learned not to complain when things come up and shake you in life.

He is a father-to-be and a continuous self-motivator. He has given his life asides his two jobs to make changes in the youths of his community.

The Top Five Qualities of role models include;

– Having the passion and ability to inspire people around you especially those in need of proper guidance.

– Living your values so that it is visible to everyone and those whom you support their beliefs begin to associate themselves with you.

– Giving commitment to your community in ways that you become more focused on the travails of other people and what you can do to help.

– Having selflessness in all your doings and accepting other people irrespective of their nature or predicament.

– Showing the ability to overcome circumstances and not giving up.

Become a role model in your small community, be the change agent…

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Have a great and fulfilling week…


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