Join the GENO Band Wagon

Good day everyone… Its the start of what looks to be a pleasant weekend. To all our followers, ghost followers, friends, supporters, enemies, well wishers, frenemies and volunteers; we encourage you to do impacting things during the weekend…

For necessary emphasis, we would like to reinstate that we are on several other social media platforms which prove to be more interactive. On these platforms, you get to meet and interact with other like-minded individuals and discuss a wide range of topics… There is your platform to request anything, offer advise and refer cases we can intervene in, of course…

See our list of platforms:

Instagram- @genohopealivefoundation

Twitter- @genohopealive_

Facebook page-

LinkedIn- GENO Hope Alive Foundation

Google+ –

And now, ***drum roll*** we have launched our BBM Channel…***drum roll……….*** To join the Channel, simply search for “GENO Hope Alive Foundation”under the Channel options and select join to become a part of the Forum…


We are grateful to the support we have received and look forward to a lot more with appreciation…

Thank you for believing in our mandate enough to read about it, to share it…

Now its time to do something further, spread the word and ask people to come join in the GENO Band wagon, we are mandated to do great things in the lives of people…

We push to inspire, counsel, break-free the minds of the vulnerably ignorant…

Now, do not forget to use the share buttons below and of course subscribe to get instant mail notifications of our published posts…

See you all right here next week… Have an awesome and graceful weekend….


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