Women Empowerment Project 2014

cropped-geno-5.jpgThis is an upcoming initiative of GENO Hope Alive Foundation designed to empower vulnerable women in the inner city communities of Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria. According to our aspect of our Mission which seeks to identify, empower and mentor disadvantaged women through transformational life intervention programs, this Women Empowerment Project(WEP) promises to fulfill and accomplish this areas of our Mission.un world food programThere are several residential areas that are densely populated with economically disadvantaged women who are left to fend and cater for their family because they are single mothers, teenage mothers and/or widows. These kind of predicaments have given way for the surmountable pressure on such women all around us and have deprived them of the capacity to conveniently provide for their families and live their lives optimally.

Poverty is major hardship that affects single mothers. Raising children without sufficient income, a stable place to live, or enough food and clothing is extremely exhausting and scary. This pushes them into desperate actions as a means of survival.Pregnant+School+GirlThere are also too many unplanned births in our society these days as a result of teenage pregnancies or early forced parenthood; this brings about the introduction of children into an unstable family environment that is harsh and severe to their survival.

The WEP is focused on identifying women that fall into these categories and:

– Educating them on how to make life choices that will help them optimize their lives and improve their decision making skills.

– Educating them on their medical health and how to properly take care of their reproductive health and provide basic medical screening for all participants.

– Introducing the women to initiatives that will help to empower them and make them economically independent and aid them in living optimally.

After the event, we intend on sponsoring a good number of these women to learn and acquire a variety of skills that will help them create financial fulfillment for their family.images 5676This is our mandate and it gives us great joy to be a source of joy and happiness to these women. An update on the outcome of the Program will be published. Volunteers and Donations to this cause are also welcome… See our contact page on information on how to contact us.

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