Global Campaign for Education – Our Quota


93 million children worldwide have a disability, and four out of every five children with a disability lives in a developing country- many live in countries which are affected by war, conflict or are suffering humanitarian crises.

The Global Campaign for Education is that EVERY child should have a right to education, regardless of disability; disabilities are not always physical. Streamlining it down to our Country, Nigeria, poverty is the major bane of disability we have ravaging the families in the country that stop the children from being in school or having any formal education.


The Public Campaign was implemented during the first week of this month of May. They were united in their call for Action- high quality Education which is built to tackle discrimination and allow each child flourish according to their own talents and interests.

Using this as a Standard, GENO Hope Alive Foundation is in the mandate to ensure that every child of appropriate age is in school and has the right resources to enable their learning more effective vis-a-vis our Initiative “The Back-to-School Campaign“. This is not only an initiative to promote proper learning, it is also to offer promotional scholarships to children whom are inclined and have shown great interest in the academic era and also to reinstate those not in the school system into proper schools.

GENO HOPE ALIVEWe invite you to join us and contribute whichever way you can…. See our contact page on better ways to reach us

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