One month on… #BringBackOurGirls

Today marks a calendar month since the abduction of the school girls from Chibok, Borno State, Nigeria on the 14th of April 2014.


One month on, no success has been recorded in the attempts to rescue the missing girls save for the few that escaped their captors.


One month on, people are still arguing and doubting the certainty that an abduction occurred. This shows the lack of belief in the governance of the Country and discourse in harmony between the politics and its people. It shows the lack of empathy towards the families of the girls involved.



One month on, the Social Media Campaign is just getting warmed up, if #OccupyNigeria was a flood, then #BringBackOurGirls is a tsunami. This goes on to prove that the World is indeed fast becoming a global village. Some might debate that the social media is doing nothing to help the rescue mission of the girls but the media Campaign is making sure that the issue remains at the forefront in the mind of the government so that they do not relapse into their trademark indifference. The social media Campaign does not help to bring the girls home but it does make sure that they are not forgotten. The media attention is the fire that burns and sheds light to keep the government on the edge and mobilizes its people.


One month on, there are International Organizations and other Countries offering their help and support. The World thinks of #Chibok and remembers #Pakistan and the #Taliban and instinctively casts this as a battle of extremism; between Islamists and young girls seeking an education. Several Countries are offering their counter-terrorism and intelligence experts to aid in the rescue of the girls. One of the girls that escaped says she is scared to return to school because of the unspeakable trauma that has befallen her. There should not be any hindrance to the education of a child lest so a traumatic experience being the cause of that hindrance.


One month on, and as the global offer of assistance continues, it is calculated that the future mothers of the Nation who have been kidnapped sums up to 936 children worth of two generations, assuming a woman births an average of four children.

4One month on, there are still pleas around to everyone to get involved in the Campaign of support and prayers through whichever means they can. Do not sit in the comfort of your homes and criticize or belittle those who are lending their voices to the Campaign. This is not a conventional battle, it goes beyond the kidnapping of these girls but this is a beginning of a huge change.


Join in the Campaign… Lend your voice… Let us #BringBackOurGirls together…

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