Celebrating Courageous Mothers

Another Mothers Day was celebrated over the past weekend. Everyone celebrated women; both past, present and future mothers with all sorts of gifts.


Motherhood is one of the most important professions on the planet. There are women everywhere who cannot be thankful for the joys of motherhood lest they be condemned.

In China, it is not easy to¬† be a mother, they have to deal with poverty, domestic abuse, pressure from family and the government, strict family planning laws, forced abortions and sterilizations. These Chinese mothers rarely get the praise they deserve. When they are publicly acknowledged, it is because they have done something wrong–had too many children, had the wrong gender of baby or had a baby in the wrong country. This is similar in some other Countries.

Yesterday, All Girls Allowed, an NGO that fights against gendercide and one-child policy in China recognized and celebrated these courageous mothers and paid tribute to their stories. Read more at http://www.allgirlsallowed.org

What if your Mother’s Day Gift was a forced abortion? Or the only card you got on Mother’s Day was one telling you that your children would never be able to go to school because they were “over-quota”? What if being a mother brought you shame and scorn because you did not follow the “correct procedures” for motherhood?

There are also the mothers of the missing school girls in Borno State, Nigeria. I feel their helplessness because they would do anything to get their children back but their hands are tied. We indulge everyone to support the Campaign that pleas the rescue of the girls. However form you can spread the information and render your support and advocacy, please join in and do so. Our heartfelt prayers are with them and as ironic as it might seem, we wish them a Happy Mother’s Day.


The GENO Family giving their support to the Campaign to rescue the girls.

Every mother deserves to be celebrated.

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