Petition for the Girl Child

Good day wonderful people, its the start of a pleasant weekend, let us join hands and become one voice in making a plea to our nation


Most of us are aware of the kidnapping of 200+ school girls in Chibok Secondary School, Borno State, Nigeria on the 20th of April 2014.

It is devastating that its over two weeks and no news has been heard about them save for the few that escaped.

It is saddening to imagine the ill fated things their captors must have done to them.

Girls are beautiful…

They are the joy to the World

They are Our mothers, sisters, daughters, nieces

They are to be pampered, protected and loved!


Girls are our jewels…

They grow into being the center of the family

They become women of values and virtues

They are the support and strength of our men


The Girl Child is Powerful!!!

We cannot sit back and watch our children be turned into sex slaves, cooks, maids nor do horrible things for the terrorists.

No one can launch a rescue mission himself, we can only do it together by motivating the Nigerian Government and regions beyond to do so.

Let us fight for our future, the girl child, they must be found. Our government must do something, more than what they have done.

There is a petition that needs to be signed and sent to the government as evidence of the oneness of our voices in this prompt. click on the link below to sign and drop your voice and support.


Several walks were taken around the Country yesterday for the Cause of these children.



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