The heart of the World, everywhere- Children!


No Lost Generation in Syria

The crisis ravaging Syria and its neighbouring countries is no news anymore. An entire generation of children are in grave danger and unless no action is taken may be lost forever with profound consequences for Syria, the region and beyond. They need protection, education and support. Our prayers all around are with them, take time out to visit the UNICEF website if you haven’t already and leave your support in whatever form you can.

But this post isn’t about the #ChildrenOfSyria, it’s about Children everywhere; the #ChildrenOfNigeria…

vanguard news - many children live in environments without adequate shelter, sanitation nor clean drinking water and limited health care facility.

Children ravaged by poverty in Nigeria

When I read several articles about the crisis in these countries, it made me reflect deeper on the children in our own country. We don’t have a National crisis neither do we have any disasters threatening to purger the existence of our children yet our own children lack these very things paramount to their living.

We see children around us engaging in activities that defy the innocence of their childhood, due to the vigorousness of poverty eating into our society, our children are malnourished and parents are forced to indulge their children in child labour.

At least 1 in 10 refugee #childrenofSyria now working, as children face new dangers in #Lebanon wapo.stPJeseL via @washingtonpost

Child labour is a worldwide disease

Good nutrition is the cornerstone for survival, health and development. It is also shown that globally, more than one-third of child deaths are attributable to under nutrition because under nourished children have lowered resistance to infection and are more likely to die from common childhood ailments.

surviving in biafra

Deficiency resulting from malnourishment

Nearly one in six children aged 5 to 14 are engaged in Child labour in the World and Nigeria is been seen to be one of the highest ranking participators of this damaging act.


Children should not be made to labour for themselves nor their families

We have neglected children everywhere seeking for attention. We implore everyone to be more committed to changing the world for children because children are the heart of our work. We should strive to protect their rights, improve their health and nurture their development. We should give them protection, education, emergency aid, survival and development.

Let us speak out for these children, they need us now more than ever.

Child poverty_week1

Let us join hands and partake in achieving the UNICEF “World Fit For Children Goal” which ensures that “by 2015, all children will have access to free and complete primary education that is of good quality”

Let us raise the #ChildrenOfNigeria and make available their priorities.

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