Unveiling the mask of MR

We’ve all heard one thing or the other about children who are mentally retarded but only a few of us have direct experience with the torment behind this condition proposes.

mental retardation

Boy suffering from MR

Mental Retardation(MR), simply refers to the development of an individual at a below average rate. This means that the individual or in these case, child has a low IQ, abnormal development of their central nervous system distorting their motor skills, have little or no communication skills and require constant supervision.

The known causes of this disorder include trauma before or during childbirth, genetic abnormalities, lead or mercury poisoning etc.

Treatment options of these children are inclusive of ongoing counseling, behavioral and occupational therapy and consistent monitoring and guidance.

It is to this end that we have Foundations such as the Beth Torrey Home situated in Amuwo Odofin, Lagos, Nigeria. They have made it their duty to accord the affected children with such love, care and commitment to aid through their instability.


Children of the Beth Torrey Home

It is their main goal to assist these children in reaching their full potential in terms of education, social and life skills.

We were honored to visit their Establishment through the invitation of a Friend and Mentor of our Foundation, Pastor Brigitte Okorie in celebration of her birthday. Friends and guests gave items out to the Home.


Guests at the event who contributed to the Home


Pastor Brigitte Okorie; vibrant and energetic woman with an accommodating heart for the less privileged.

More excited are we at GHAF family because, it opened up an avenue to give hope and put smiles on one of our own Clients who has been struggling with a daughter of that nature for over eight years.

global agenda must prioritise child poverty

Every mother’s dream is to see her child grow well and not deficient

It gives us great joy to bring happiness to the downcast… You should be a part of this…..

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