Bad news, becoming a daily headline???

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We’ve all had our ears and eyes full as regards the recent bomb blast in Nyanya Motor Park, Abuja, a satellite settlement bordering the FCT and Nasarawa State. This bomb blast resulted in multiple accidents, deaths and injuries as drivers lost control of their vehicles and others tried to flee the area.


Affected buildings in the Nyanya bomb blast





The gory pictures were displayed in many newspapers. For those who came across them, it was enough to question the state of war in the country to warrant such dastardly acts.


Aerial view of the Nyanya Motor Park

Personally, it just shows disregard for human lives. No one knows where the next one explodes so everyone feels unsafe.




images (2)

President Goodluck Jonathan with one of the victims at the Asokoro General Hospital in Abuja.

The Federal Government has invested a lot in fighting terrorism. The Deputy Director, Public Realtions of the Department of State Security(DSS), Marilyn Ogar, announced that the government had provided a short toll free national emergency code, 112 as part of the efforts to combat terrorism. She insisted that criticism of the government would be pointless, that everyone should come together as a people collectively and fight this as the government needs information from everyone..


Boko Haram sect

Less than 15 hours after the bomb blast in Abuja, the outlawed Islamic sect, Boko Haram, were said to abduct no less than 100 female students of the Government Girls Secondary School, Chibok, Borno State.


This sort of news is horrible and shocking. The United Nations Children’s Fund has called for the immediate and unconditional release of the school girls abducted from their hostel.


Such  brutal acts deny children their right to learn in a safe environment and rob them of their future.

We should be able to contribute to our nation’s endeavor to fight against the abduction of our children…’Our children should be happy, be given a chance……

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Lend your voice in the struggle, no matter how little… Educate those around you against the adversities and dangers around our communities……


We shouldn’t have to wake up to see gory pictures splashing on every major newspaper….We should wake up to the successes of our children and youth

Let's give our children hope and the chance to be educated in a country without fear.

Let’s give our children hope and the chance to be educated in a country without fear.



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