Our Intro – Restoring Hope

genoWe are GENO Hope Alive Foundation (GHAF), an NGO situated in Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria. Our mandate is to fulfill its quota in the social reformation of the nation. We achieve this by identifying women and children from disadvantaged homes and in vulnerable situations. We help improve their standard of living by providing and educating them on life choices to enable them live optimally. Lets give you an insight…

The Background


Ifeoma, an 18 year old orphan, lives with her aunt and grandmother. Due to the lack of proper parental care, monitoring and desperation to achieve sustenance; she becomes associated with the wrong crowd, entangles herself in several relationships and ends up pregnant. After a while, she discovers she has contracted HIV. Her family wants nothing to do with her and so does every one else.


Labake, a 16 year old, goes to write an entrance exam into the higher institution and gets raped by her distant cousin. Her hope of having a bright future becomes shattered, her dreams broken as she has a new path designed for her to course as a teenage mother.


Bolanle, a widow and mother of five children is struggling to cater for her family with no help from any relatives. Burdened with a mentally challenged daughter, no source of income and no skill, she makes difficult decisions daily in the bid to survive.

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Our Intervention

GHAF identifies such young women through various means ( referral, field search etc), helps to rehabilitate and mentor them. These women are helped to ensure stability through intervention programs that embrace, educate and empower them.

Let us have one loud voice in securing hope and dignity for these women….



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